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    Gong Bath & Tibetan Bowls Therapy
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  • Gong Sound Bath, as many describe it as being immersed in waves of sound.
    It is a one hour immersion in healing sound wherein the listener (lying down or sitting) is in the presence of sustained waves of primordial sounds (Gongs, other instruments & silence).

    It is an opportunity to rejuvenate, nurture and re-balance your physical, emotional and spiritual being by tuning the physical body to the greatest possible resonance, harmonizing each cell and bringing it into balance. And it is a complementary health modality for improving overall well-being.

    Benefits of the Gong Bath:
    *Conducive to healing and transformation
    *Induces a state of meditation by calming the mind and reducing the internal dialogue
    *Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension
    *Stimulates the circulatory and glandular systems
    *Re-balances the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies
    *Helps clear energetic and emotional blockages
    *Regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system
    *Awakens higher states of consciousness

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