Live Music in Sibiu - 10 pubs you should try

Every day, we update the calendar section in Sibiu City App with all kinds of events. You can search for a concert that suits your taste and save a reminder in the app, or you can take a look at these places we've gathered for you - places where most of the time you will find a live gig or a local band playing, and try your luck.

Imperium Pub

While strolling through Sibiu you will certainly get to Bălcescu Street. Here you'll find Imperium Pub - the place with the most frequent gigs in town. Both well-known bands and local, not yet discovered musicians, have played here over the years, and music styles vary from jazz to folk to rock. Aside from concerts they also organise theatre and stand-up comedy nights.

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Oldies Pub

Due to its central location, also on Bălcescu Street, Oldies is one of the first choices for locals and tourists for a dancing night out. It is also one of the places where most of the bands that come to Sibiu choose to play. Over time, bands like Phoenix, Bosquito, Pasărea Rock, Negură Bunget, Vița de Vie and many many more had taken the stage. On a regular night, especially on weekdays, chances are high you'll get to listen to their house-band, Rym.

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Music Pub

If you asked any Sibiu local where you can find the best pizza, the answer would be the same: Music Pub. But that's not all, their concerts and live music gigs are also quite great! Over the past years, we've seen some pretty good jazz and rock concerts here, and also many jam-sessions and afterparties from the big festivals that happen during the summer. The local band Electric Band plays here almost every week and they'll surely impress any rock music fan out there.

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Very recent addition on Sibiu's musical scene map, Troubadour has already managed to surprise us with interesting events. Every week in their future schedule includes one big name from the Romanian music scene, and we can't wait to see what they do next! :)

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Atrium Classic Cafe

Atrium is probably the most ”lovable” place in Sibiu. Located in a chic old building right near the Liars Bridge, it invites you to take a break from your daily routines or your walk around the city with its warm piano sound. For most locals, it is home to many of the most interesting events that happen in the city all year round. In terms of music genres, Atrium offers a very wide range: jazz, blues, folk - and you'll be surprised to find out how many well-known musicians have passed through this small cafe.

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The Wolf

Another recent addition to our city's events map - The Wolf - earned it's place in this list very quickly. Besides its great interior and wide space, its events are one of the reasons that makes us recommend this pub. During the past months we've seen jazz, blues and pop-rock bands playing here, and also a lot of local musicians.

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Faust Cafe & Disko

Faust is definitely the place with the strongest alternative vibe in Sibiu. A bit crowded, like any underground pub, and with a post-industrial decorated interior, it is home to a lot of concerts and parties, mainly reggae and electronic music. Concerts are a bit seldom, but it is one of the few places in the city where indie non-commercial bands from inside and outside the country have played. If you come to Sibiu during summer, make sure you don't with one of their terrace concerts.

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Rock N'Bike Club

Rock N'Bike Club is located a bit far from the city centre and if you want to get directions you should ask any local about R&B. It is best known in the city due to the heavy metal concerts that take place here, and although quite small it hosted a lot of well known European bands over the years - for the genre enthusiasts.

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Nordic Folk Pub

If you find yourself longing for some Romanian folk music, or if you are curious to discover it, Nordic Folk Pub is the place you should try. Folk musicians from all around the country have played here, and the atmosphere is very friendly.

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Underground Pub

Very close to The Large Square, Underground Pub is located in and old building's underground and it stays open more late into the night than most of the pubs in Sibiu. They feature mostly electronic and rock music, and once in a while theatre plays or karaoke - you should give them a try!

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