4 Ages in Life

Dates and Hours:

Strada Tribunei 6, Sibiu, Romania


Exhibition: 4 Ages in Life
 Artist: Maria Modi, Andrei Szabó, Andrea Bernath, Claudiu Doncuțiu
 Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, 6, Tribunei Street
 Duration: 12. 03-25.04.2021
 Curator: Alexandra Gălăbuț
 Contributions: Bogdan Runcan, Brai Ioan, Cristina Mihu

 Starting with the 12th of March this year, Brukethal National Museum invites you to enjoy 4 Ages in Life, an artistic project hosted in the temporary exhibition hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Tribunei Street no. 6) until the 25th of April. 
 The exhibition brings to your delight paintings and graphics signed by artists: Andrei Szabó, Maria Modi, Andrea Bernath, Claudiu Doncuțiu.
 Created under the pressure of an experiment and out of the desire to give birth to an art group, to enhance the effervescence of the fortress city, 4 Ages in Life ventures beyond the boundaries of visual, flirting with lyrical art.
 As the saying goes Your vibe attracts your tribe, the visual narratives explored by the four artists became both a playground and a war zone for others to be inspired by. Poetry and storytelling enthusiasts such as Ionuț Cheran, Gina Săndulescu, Corina Gruber will exhibit their reflections on how ink and color collided on linen and paper bring thoughts about childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age.
 Based on a concept similar to a romantic short story and with a fragrance of bildungsroman, the exhibition will gradually and nostalgically guide the viewers to immerse themselves into these four ages of life.