”AUTOBAHN” directed by Andrei și Andreea Grosu

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Dates and Hours:
30 lei-329 lei

Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu 2, Sibiu 550245, Romania


‘We wanted a text that illustrates this period when everything is felt differently, as we are at distance from everything we love, very much apart from other people, a time when we feel alone and have to face our own lives. “Autobahn” is about now. It includes elements of ancient tragedy and contemporary expression fused with cinematic intimacy, looking like a film-performance. Two people in each car, seven stories, seven cars. It could be any two of us, secluded between four doors and a windscreen. The whole world inside a car. We could be heading for anything, going anywhere, or pulling over. We have no idea where this road will take us. Turn here. Why aren’t we leaving? Broken windscreen. Take the Division. The back seat. This is just like the highway. Eyes on the road.’  - Andrei and Andreea Grosu

"Autobahn", by Neil LaBute, directed by Andrei and Andreea Grosu, is the first mini-series of theater-film produced by Teatrul Național "Radu Stanca" Sibiu. This new concept of performance proposes a series of 7 independent episodes, related to a common space - the car - that "hosts" the stories of the characters.

Funny. Car no. 1 A young woman sees her mother again after spending a long time in a rehab facility. A sensitive monologue with a tragicomic twist gradually reveals details that may round up to an uncomfortable truth.
Duration: 27 min

Bench Seat. Car no. 2 A doua mașină. Despărțirile sunt dureroase. Sau periculoase. Un tânăr care visează să devină profesor o duce pe prietena lui într-un loc special în care se întâmplă lucruri neașteptate.
Duration: 35 min

All Apologies. Car no. 3 It’s true that men aren’t very good at making excuses. But this defect can lead to an absurd, funny, yet painful speech that develops as he waits for a response from the woman they love..
Duration: 20 min

Merge. Car no. 4 There’s something different about her when her husband picks her up from the airport. Why is she hiding behind a smirk? What did those men who “broke into” her room want? How far can you go for your loved one?
Duration: 35 min

Long Division. Car no. 5 Ex-girlfriends are always to blame. In fact, that’s why they are exes. Still, what should you do first: get revenge, go back to her, or get your video game console back as soon as possible
Duration: 23 min

Road Trip. Car no. 6 During the trip to a mountain cabin, the discussion between a teacher and his pupil reveals details that grow more and more disturbing. The tension rises, as disaster loom
Duration: 30 min

Autobahn. Car no. 7 Are parents responsible for their children’s mistakes? What’s the starting point of parental love and where does it end when they realize their family has forever lost peace? Can we start a new life and wipe out past events?
Duration: 27 min

BY: Neil LaBute

TRANSLATION FROM ENGLISH:Mihaela Sîrbu DIRECTED BY: Andrei și Andreea Grosu
SET DESIGN: Vladimir Turturica
MUZICA: Mihai Dobre
IMAGE AND EDITING: Alexandru Condurache

ep. 1 – „Funny”: Cendana Trifan and Mariana Mihu-Plier
ep. 2 – „Bench seat”: Gabriela Pîrlițeanu and Horia Fedorca
ep. 3 – „All apologies”: Adrian Matioc and Raluca Iani
ep. 4 – „Merge”: Ofelia Popii and Ciprian Scurtea
ep. 5 – „Long division”: Marius Turdeanu and Viorel Rață
ep. 6 - „Road trip”: Adrian Neacșu and Cezara Crețu
ep. 7 – „Autobahn”: Diana Văcaru Lazăr, Mihai Coman and Iustinian Turcu

photo credit,TNRS, Rareș Helici