Exhibition: The Magic of Restoration


 Exhibition: The Magic of Restoration
 Location: Brukenthal Palace, Cartography Office
 Duration: 1.09 - 3.10. 2021
 Opening: 1st of September, 13:00
 Curators: Dr. Dorin Barbu, Dr. Dana Roxana Hrib

Text from the curators:
Unfortunately little known, the activity of restoring the heritage involves a complex, team effort, made by people that work anonymously, so that today's general public, but also the future one, can experience the joy of knowing the values of the historical past.
Each restoration salon is a great opportunity to reveal the osmosis between science and the art of restoration. The science of restoration starts from the research of the known past of the heritage item, contributing in a relevant way to the discovery of new data and aspects related to it, while also giving it the chance of its future existence. The art of restoration, on the other hand, is an experience above space and time, in which the restorer empathizes with the artist or craftsman of the restored objects, encoding in their essence various realities, from the workshop where they were produced, to the one of the history they have gone through and that of the present to which the exhibition is addressed.
Thus, in the exhibition will be displayed the outcome of the most spectacular restoration processes – items from the collections of Brukenthal National Museum: painting, prints, paper, leather, wood, polychrome wood, textiles, ceramics, metal and stone. The exhibits will be accompanied by panels containing documentary information on the restoration process and the name of the restorer.