Eye SB-you!

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Exhibition: Eye SB-you!
Artist: Alexandru Cînean
Duration: August 20-October 12, 2021
Opening: August 23, 2021 at 5 p.m.
Curator: Alexandru Constantin Chituță PhD
Location: NO! HAI Creative Embassy, 3, Small Square, Sibiu
Partner: “Radu Stanca” Theatre Sibiu
Sponsor: Stefanini Group
Event included in the program of the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, 28th edition.
Eye SB-you 
Artistic intervention on the skylights of the historic buildings in the Small Square & art exhibition and performance; live painting, video projection at the Art Gallery - NO! HAI Creative Embassy, Sibiu, 3 Small Square. 
The project aims at promoting elements that are specific to Sibiu’s architecture by engaging a unique artistic approach. Hence, the project strives to animate the old town and highlight Sibiu's cultural heritage. In the last 15 years, the Historical Centre has shaped its own special dynamics, a cultural tempo that embraces elements of contemporary art and innovative interventions, many of them a premiere for Romania or Europe. In the context of the proposed project, the city gains eyes and becomes a spectator of its own history. The buildings come to life, they metamorphose into real characters and respond to the viewer, the traveler, the explorer, becoming at the same time both the viewer and the viewed. 
Thus, we propose a project through which Sibiu literally becomes the city that watches you. It is an invitation to action and interaction, to dialogue. Not just for the curious and enthusiastic visitor, but for each and every one of us. Twenty skylights in the Small Square, already consecrated as "eyes" of Sibiu, will receive their own iris, respectively 20 artworks that will exhibit several chromatic variations of the human iris.
 “Of all the senses, sight holds a privileged position for at least two reasons. More than three quarters of the information the nervous system receives from the outside is from the eye. On the other hand, although the retina is embedded in a peripheral organ, anatomically and embryological, it can be considered an extension of the brain and functions in itself as a nerve center. If, as we all know, the eyes play a special role for the human body, what could be said about the eyes of a city? Which for centuries have seen events, joys, sorrows, wars, concerts, thousands and thousands of people. Sibiu is perhaps the only city in the world that possesses, in a specific architectural manner, eyes.
For centuries, most of the roofs in the central area of the city have had various windows (skylights) built in the form of eyes to ventilate the attics. Born in Sibiu, the artist Alexandru Cînean now invites us to an artistic decoration of these eyes, to color, in an abstract way, the iris of these eyes of the city. The artwork will further accentuate these elements that have become part of the spirit of the community as the eyes of the city, giving them a touch of sensitivity and vitality."  - Alexandru Constantin Chituță PhD, Curator