Inter-County Visual Arts Salon of the Sibiu Branch of UAPR 2022

Dates and Hours:

Piaţa Mare, Nr. 5, Sibiu, România


Event at the International Theater Festival in Sibiu 2022
Organizers: UAPR Sibiu Branch, Brukenthal National Museum, FITS 2022
Coordinators: Florin Viorel, president of the Sibiu Branch of UAPR and Prof. univ. Dr. Sabin Adrian Luca, Manager of the Brukenthal National Museum
Artists: from the UAPR Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Deva, Iași and Rm. Vâlcea Branches
Location: UAP Gallery from Great Square no. 12 and the Blue House, Great Square no. 5 5.
Duration: 24.06.-31.07.2022
Opening: Friday, 24.06.2022, 17.00, at the UAP Gallery in Great Square no. 12
Musical moment by soprano Olivia Sidonia Scrobote and pianist Doroteea Dobrin
Poetry recital by actors Gabriela Pîrlițeanu and Ali Deac
Curator: Iulia Mesea PhD

Every year, the Sibiu Branch of UAPR organizes the Inter-County Visual Arts Salon of the Sibiu Branch of UAPR 2022, in partnership with the Brukenthal National Museum, within the events of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu. This year, FITS proposes the theme: BEAUTY, a topic so broad, generous and necessary in the chaotic and turbulent landscape of today's world, a topic that we also support. In this context, the phrase "Beauty will save the world" makes the representatives of artistic life, the main actors in the process of restructuring the world and life on normal coordinates.
At this exhibition, along with Sibiu artists, there are the guests, members of the UAPR Branches from Alba Iulia, Deva, Iași and Rm. Vâlcea, whose art is individualized as approach, style, as medium of expression and working technique (in many cases mixed), from painting (oil, acrylic, on canvas, wood, paper, etc.), graphics (pencil, pen, watercolor, etc.), installation, photography, collage, sculpture (in stone, metal, wood, resins), tapestry, glass, etc.
Among the ninety participants, we mention: Radu Aftenie, Călin Baciu, Daniela Maria Bădilă, Olimpia Coman-Sipeanu, Marius David, Eugen Dornescu, Anca Giura, Antonela Giurgiu, Constantin Ilea, Mirela Maier Miclăuș, Ioan Muntean, Crina Oprean, Ştefan Orth, Andrei Popa, Cristina Simu, Alexandra Stoica, Ioan Tămâian, Florin Viorel ș.a.; from Rm. Vâlcea: Gheorghe Dican, Cătălin Podoleanu etc.; from Deva: John Pîrva, Ana-Maria Rugescu, Doina Reghiș-Ionescu etc.; from Alba Iulia: Noemi Kusztos, Ștefan Bințințan, Dan Crecan etc.; from Iași: Ofelia Huțul, Mariea Boz, Otilia Chiriac, Cosmin Iațeșen, Sorin Otinjac, and many others.
Like a show - theater, music, or dance - the exhibition of contemporary art is much more than the concrete place, in which individual works of art are displayed; the exhibition is an integral part of the artistic process, it is the dynamic space that supports and mediates the process of receiving art. The collective exhibition brings together the thoughts, ideas and emotions of the artist-authors, which meet those of the spectators. It is an image of today's world, it creates emotions, it stimulates opinions, aesthetic, social, and political attitudes, it affirms and creates values ​​of the present and it writes history. Each work and, at the same time, the relations of harmony, reflection, confrontation, potentiation, which are established between the pieces, create an image that reflects some of the coordinates of the contemporary artistic trends so diverse and dynamic.
The opening will be accompanied by a musical moment and a poetry recital.
Iulia Mesea Ph.D.