INTERFERENȚE. Pictură europeană și românească (sec. XIX) din colecția Muzeului Național Brukenthal

Dates and Hours:

Piaţa Mare, Nr. 5, Sibiu, România


Exhibition: European and Romanian painting (19th c.) from the Brukenthal National Museum’s collection
 Venue: Blue House, Multimedia Hall, Large Square, no. 5
 Duration: 8.10.-01.11.2020
 Curators: Iulia Mesea, PhD, Alexandru Sonoc, PhD
The exhibition offers the opportunity to meet a large number of unique works from the Brukenthal National Museum’s collection of European and national painting, after their difficult and long journey of research, recovery (supervised by experts in Preventive Conservation) and then "miraculous healing", during the interventions of the Restoration Laboratory’s specialists. The items selected for this exhibition (portraits, landscapes, genre scenes) demonstrate the interferences, thematic and stylistic similarities etc. of the Romanian and Transylvanian art with that of the European schools, especially with the Central European ones, first of all through the common assimilations during the artists’ periods of study periods (often with the same professors from the most important European art academies, especially from Vienna, Munich, Berlin, but also Paris, Düsseldorf, Budapest), as well as during their study trips or occasioned by their participations in exhibitions.