It's time to build

Dates and Hours:

Strada Tribunei 6, Sibiu, Romania


Exhibition: "It's time to build"

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, 6, Tribunei Street

Duration: August 11 - August 29 2022

Opening: Thursday, August 11, 12:00 noon

Brukenthal National Museum coordinator: Alexandru Constantin Chituță PhD

Partners: László Teleki Budapest Foundation, HÍD Association - Hungarian Cultural Centre


The exhibition presents restorations carried out within the framework of the Rómer Flóris plan, created and financed by the Hungarian government and implemented by the Teleki Foundation. The works presented for the first time in 2018 have been exhibited in many corners of the Carpathian Basin, without maintaining any particular rigour. Among the cities where the exhibition could be visited there were Budapest, Visk, Ungvár and Beregszász in Ukraine, Zselíz in Slovakia, Satu Mare, Cluj-Napoca and Tg. Mureș in Romania, and the works on show come to Sibiu from the Huniazilor Castle in Hunedoara.