Joannes Kájoni 390

Dates and Hours:

Muzeul Brukenthal, Piața Mare, Nr. 4-5, Sibiu 550163, România


 Created in honor of the commemorative year of Joannes Kájoni 390, the exhibition was initiated by the Harghita County Cultural Center and toured during 2019-2020.
 The presentation of the personality and work of Joannes Kájoni (1629 / 1930-1687) is made through 30 panels with information in Hungarian, Romanian and English.
 An interactive feature of the exhibition makes it possible to access the music tracks mentioned on smartphones by using a QR code; in this way, visitors will be able to listen to the songs Codex Kájoni, Cantionale Catholicum and Organo Missale, while watching the panels.
 Supported by the Bethlen Gábor Fund, set up by the Government of the Republic of Hungary, the project is based on cooperation with a number of relevant cultural institutions and partners, including Brukenthal National Museum.