Great playwrights of the world. Satirical graphics by Gabriel Rusu

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Exhibition: Great playwrights of the world. Satirical graphics by Gabriel Rusu
Location: Brukenthal Palace, Temporary Exhibition Hall, Grand Square, No. 4, Sibiu
Duration: 14.05 - 27.06.2021
Curator: Valentin Trifescu
Other contributions: Alexandra Gălăbuţ, Cristina Mihu

Text from the curator:
Through his approach, Gabriel Rusu offers us the chance to see the faces of some playwrights, in some cases known, in others too rarely met.
The characters of the plays, through the actors, have monopolized everything related to the image that the spectators have of the authors. Many times, creators have been left without a face, like God the Almighty. But with the help of Gabriel Rusu's art, we have the opportunity to travel not only the imaginary path from word/idea/work to image but also vice versa, starting from the outside to the inside, from the image to its owner.
Marcel Sendrail reminded us that in Latin the person first designated the mask and only then the personality. At the same time, the French scholar appreciated that the realization of a figure is automatically doubled by the creation of a soul that stands behind it. We can see how the face and the soul, the mask and the personality are two facets of the same medal, which say, in fact, the same thing: “The person derives from the mask. It is more difficult to convince ourselves that the mask derives from the person […]”. Doesn't Gabriel Rusu suggest the same thing to us? ...