MUSAI Experience - Sibiel

Dates and Hours:
Sibiel 557234, Romania


MUSAI Experience
Active family escapes in rural Transylvania and the Carpathians: tasting weekends in small communities

Slow travel: 3 days - one village
Help the community: 5 sports challenges with picnic / 5 workshops of local experiences

- sports and well-being activities -
1. MTB tour to Crinț and Creasta Porumbelului - 20 km
2. hiking to the huts of Poia Godia with the theme of grazing - 4 hours
3. Trail running tour through the orchards around the village - 20 km

For children: activities of knowledge and survival in nature or of picking mushrooms and medicinal plants with a biologist (from the age of 4 years)
For adults and children: yoga and mindfullness time

All activities include picnic packages - made by the local community, with seasonal food

- craft, culinary and agricultural workshops -
1. Tour of the traditional blue houses in Fântânele and Sibiel
2. Workshop to paint icons on glass
3. Workshop on sweets, jams and syrups
4. Agricultural work in hay and forest
5. How is it done? Mălăliga, cheese
6. Weaving, knitting, crocheting

In the evening
At the cultural place: dinner with the locals, with 4 traditional dishes.

1. our favorite option: at the tent. We will enjoy a local initiative - a campsite in Sibiel
2. alternatively, we will also have the possibility of an upgrade to pensions

The package will be available from 15.02.20 on