Samuel von Brukenthal – the man behind the title


 Exhibition: Samuel von Brukenthal – the man behind the title
 Location: Grand Square, Sibiu
 Duration: 11.09 – 15.12.2021
 Curators: Dr. Raluca Frîncu, Dr. Dana Hrib, Dr. Raluca Teodorescu
 Graphic editing: Chris Balthes

 The European noble tradition has its roots in late antiquity and the Middle Ages.
 The distinction between small and large nobility as well as establishing the specificity of each noble title (except royalty) are associated today with the "pre-modern" period, the public's attention being attracted especially by the particularities of the lives of exponents of this social category.
 The 12 documentary panels of the exhibition contain information on stages in the life of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, aspects that have less to do with the official positions held by him, trying to present the man behind the noble title: the beginnings in the village of Nochrich, education, marriage to Sophia Katharina von Klocknern, the birth and death of Elizabeth – his only child, his career at the imperial court in Vienna, his work as a collector, administrator and his passion for nature. Its societal influence is also outlined by establishing patterns of public and cultural identity, defined over the centuries to the present.
 Images of archive documents and of items from the collections of the Brukenthal National Museum are used to support the biographical approach.