Transylvania differently. Cultural histories from the Principality

Dates and Hours:


Exhibition title: Transylvania differently. Cultural histories from the Principality

Curator: Alexandru-Ilie Munteanu

Duration: October 20 – December 5, 2021

Location: Cartography Cabinet, Brukenthal Palace, 4, Large Square, Sibiu

Description: Transylvania differently: Cultural histories from the Principality is an exhibition which brings into public attention a different viewpoint on Transylvania, with the help of books, maps and engravings produced in Transylvania or by Transylvanians from the past. Differently in what way? Differently from the way most of us were taught to regard it by various political mythologies and passions which found their way in society in the past centuries and continue to blur the complex and difficult history of the province. Differently, as in closer to what the cultural products created by the locals from 16th to 18th century Transylvania show us. Differently, as to recognize political mythologies were they exist and to see some truth – as much as it is possible – when it is the case. The history of Transylvania cannot be compressed into an exhibition. This is not the goal of exhibiting these particular cultural goods and of the anecdotes derived from them. It rather aims to encourage us to see Transylvania and, with it, ourselves, at least partially different from how we used to.