VADIM CREȚU. Hortus Conclusus / Mysterious Gardens

Dates and Hours:

Piaţa Mare, Nr. 5, Sibiu, România


Artist: Vadim Creţu

Location: Blue House, Multimedia Hall, Large Square, no. 5

Period: 8.04.-30.05.2021

Curator: Dr. Iulia Mesea


Vadim Crețu, one of the most charismatic representatives of contemporary art in Romania, exhibits for almost two months at the Brukenthal National Museum. The artist, who was awarded the Diploma of Excellence of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, in 2017, graduated from the Academy of Arts in Bucharest, specializing in painting, in 1996, in the class of Ștefan Câlţia, the master who would become not only his colleague, but also "best and most beautiful friend." Since 1998, he felt the irrefrenable impulse to free himself from all limitations, gave up his position at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest and decided to be a freelance artist and, since then, he started collaboration with the Van Rijn Gallery in Paris.

Appreciated on the art market, his works are to be found in many collections, in the country and abroad, among which: the Romanian Royal Collection, Bucharest and Switzerland, the Vatopedi Monastery Collection (Mount Athos), to the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Constanța, the Collection of the University of Arts in Bucharest, the Collection of the West University of Timișoara, numerous private collections in Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Qatar, Morocco, China, etc.

The main theme of the exhibition organized at the Brukenthal National Museum, is the GARDEN. The works of this cycle overflow with exuberance and freshness and conquer through the synesthesia effect they create. Vegetation with strange species and proportions, rare plants, fragile young trees or others secular, majestic, shady paths, brightly coloured flowers shining in the sun, pure vaporous chromatic, all invade the pictorial space and conquer the viewer. Choosing the Latin version of the title of the exhibition, the artist challenges us to a re-evaluation of the meanings transmitted by the images, because "Hortus conclusus" is the closed garden, the garden of mystery, the garden of divine creation. Light, colour, sound – the murmur of the waters and the rustle of the leaves in the wind – and the scent of flowers are the effects of the paintings to which we joined the suggestions of poetry, displaying in the exhibition verses from poets: Alexandru Andrițoiu, Dimitrie Anghel, A.E. Baconsky, Lucian Blaga, Dan Botta, Benjamin Fondane, Rumi, Carmen Sylva etc.We invite you to let yourself be conquered by the beauty of the Mysterious Gardens signed by the painter Vadim Crețu and try to discover their secrets.
Dr. Iulia Mesea