Aliens Welcome : Uncommon Grounds Crew

Data și ora:

Piața Mică 26, Sibiu, România


Bass aliens va invita la o seara plina de bass, voie buna si dans alaturi de invitatii din Uncommon Grounds.

➟ Sound providers :

✘ B-Tone ✘
// UncommonGrounds //

B-Tone Vlad also known as B-Tone is the main founder of Uncommon Grounds. He’s been DJing since a young age starting 8 years ago. Over the time he played at many events even as a headliner for some local events, he also played in Bulgaria to perform at Bass Sea Festival as well as in Sofia for Shogun Audio Label Night. With many other big events such as: Massive Gathering , Palilua ,Airfield Festival and Electric Castle, he keeps on bringing good vibes and working on perfecting his sound.

// Uncommon Grounds //

KTLPSS Catalin also known as Katalepsys became a resident at Dark Wax radio station, now Dirt Lab Audio, in 2007. Hosting a weekly show with tracks from various subgenres of Drum & Bass. Around this time Katalepsys began to receive bookings for local events. He played at Therapy Sessions in Romania alongside DJ/producers from the Drum & Bass scene such as: Panacea, Current Value, Proton Kid, Freqax, Syze, Zardonic, Spookane, Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Core Corp, Limewax and Audio. After a 5-year break, KTLPSS now, comes back in the Drum and Bass scene this time on the light side of the genre, bringing in the DJ sets he’s playing, fresh funky jazzy liquid Drum & Bass vibes at parties in For Friends Bar alongside his new found family, Uncommon Grounds.

➟ Warm up :
✘ Optis ✘

➟ After :
✘ D.Vibez ✘
// Bass Aliens //

D.Vibez on his real name Melinte Devid , is a drum and bass/bassline garage dj from Sibiu (RO). He started studying electronic music at 12, when he decied to share his passion for music , hosting electronic music parties. Starting with 2013, he added many parties to his portfolio and he formed a quite large public. At the end of 2016 he moved in London and now he is trying to make his path towards the UK scene.

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HK Sound provided
Visual production ensured for enhanced raving experience