Concert Fakir-Thongs in SIBIU at Underground Pub

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Strada General Gheorghe Magheru 45, Sibiu 550185, România


Fakir Thongs started their musical experience on January
2012 and, after a period of volcanic activity to compose
their first repertoire, theystarted an intense live activity in
the area of Modena. Their music is inspired by '90s Stoner
Rock and '70s Space Rock and it combines catchy melodies
and psychedelic atmosphere in a clever musical medley. On
January 2013, they recordedtheir first EP with Omid Jazi's
production at Hot Studio, in Modena. In 2013, thanks to an
intense live activity, they took part to the Collisioni Festival,
in Barolo and opened the concerts of bands like Fast
Animals And Slow Kids, Nadar Solo, Apres la Classe and
Criminal Jokers.

In 2014 and 2015, Fakir Thongs kept playing live concerts
and opened for the German band Zodiac and the Polish
band Tides Of Nebula. In 2015, they released their first full
length album, Habanero.

In 2016 they kept playing live shows in Northern Italy
and working on the songs that will part of their new album.

In 2017 they took part to the Soundart Festival, in Bucarest,
sharing the stage with bands like Exivious, Groove Therapist
e SL Theory. The same year, they started the recording
sessions for the new album.

In 2018 they release their 2nd full length album, Lupex, that
contains 10 new tracks and a new dose of stoner,
psychedelic and progressive rock.