Concert Skinned @Underground Club

5 August 21:00 23:00

Strada General Gheorghe Magheru 45, Sibiu 550185, România


Underground Pub & Northwest Hardcore Booking Branch presents :

>>> SKINNED <<<

Band Bio:

Hyper blasts, heavy slams, and catchy riffing distinguish Skinned as a unique act in the vast, multi-faceted world of extreme metal. Skinned’s relentless drive and road warrior attitude has garnered attention around the globe with performances across the continental United States, Hawaii, Mexico, the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics, Japan, South Africa, and South Asia.

Skinned began as the brainchild of guitarist Travis
Weickum in 1995. The band’s infancy brought the release of cassette demos followed by a split CD with fellow Colorado band Mentally Murdered in 1998. The band has since grown into a globally recognized death metal act with six released, full length, studio albums.

In June 2017 Skinned hit the studio to record their seventh album, Shadow Syndicate with engineer/producer Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Westminster, Colorado. Previously, Otero recorded Skinned’s second album, Spawn of Insanity, released in 2005. Dave is widely known for his work with Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage,
and Allegaeon, just to name a few. Skinned is stoked to work with Dave Otero again on Shadow Syndicate, and the album is an outstanding addition to their discography.

Recent tours with bands such as; Kataklysm, Incantaion, Defeated Sanity, Cephalic Carnage, Carnivore Diprosopus, Leng Tch'e, Deranged, Goratory, Desecration and more.

Band Members:
John Meyer - Vocals
Travis Weickum - Guitar / Vocals
Adam Quijano - Guitar
Greg Keenan - Bass
Connor McLaughlin - Drums

Entry : 10 lei

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