Deep Connection - Birthday Session

Data și ora:

Pia╚Ťa Mic─â 26, Sibiu, Rom├ónia


­čľĄ Aspecial day requires special attention ­čľĄ

Our beloved Cristina is celebrating her birthday by doing what she loves: playing music with and for her friends. Let's all gather to wish her Happy Birthday and to dance all night long to those lovely house beats that you all know, love and look forward to shake your ass to ­čśü
Warming up the night: Razvan Mate who needs no further introduction. This guy right here always brings the groove to the house, so drop by early for a proper warm up session.
Heating things up: Cristina & Ioana who will dig for some heavy beats, vocals here and there and for sure will put their hearts in every track they'll play.

See you on the dance floor, babies! ­čśś