Everything about Consultative Selling (Vânzarea Consultativă)


Let’s face it, the old-school selling approaches are not nearly as effective as they once were.
We all know that the pressure and manipulation tactics must be replaced with more effective selling skills, skills that include listening and understanding the customer’s needs, solving his problems and therefore creating a sustainable relationship that will benefit you and your business not only on the short-term, but on the long-term too.

Get a better insight of what it means to be a good seller and gain all the skills that you need to develop great working relationships with your customers!

“Make the customer’s problem your problem.”
That’s what Consultative Selling is all about!

We are waiting for you on THURSDAY, 19th of April, at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Sibiu, room E11, at 19:30!

Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss it!