The Ball / Balul

Data și ora:
Fabrica de Cultură


Condensed, unexplained history, in conflicting moving particles. “The Ball” is silent. Past and present Romania meet at the intersection of the gestures which paved history. Why favour a certain discourse formula in a performance? Because through it, one arrives to the essence of the designated space and time more easily. “The Ball” represents Romania moulded into a larger body – collective history, and a minor body – the individual.

History happens through exemplary gestures, radical movements, and a continuous oscillation between aberrations and necessities. “The Ball” is a synthesis of these driving forces. (...) “The Ball” compresses Romania into bodies that move back and forth. Bodies that raft over history. From the 20s to the 2000s, Romania has been in constant motion, borrowing from the flesh of transitions and the bone structure of emblematic decisions. What if certain things didn’t happen?

History is cynical. It is a concerted macro-movement, divided into the micro-movements of destiny. “The Ball” starts when gestures detonate history. Long after the big words were spoken

after an idea of the Theatre de Campagnol
DIRECTED BY: Radu Alexandru Nica
SCRIPT: Radu Alexandru Nica şi Mihaela Michailov
SCENOGRAPHY: Helmut Stürmer
CHOREOGRAPHY: Carmen Coţofană
ORIGINAL Music: Vasile Şirli
CAST: Mihai Alexandru, Veronica Arizancu, Florin Coşuleţ, Diana Fufezan, Adrian Matioc, Adrian Neacşu, Gabriela Neagu, Cătălin Pătru, Ofelia Popii, Viorel Raţă, Codruţa Vasiu / Raluca Iani, Pali Vecsei