The FrankieZ Experiment - Live

Data și ora:
15 LEI

Piața Mică Nr. 16, Sibiu


FrankieZ Experiment and Tereza Catarov it’s the first project of the drummer Frankie Ercsei, who lived in Cluj a couple of years ago and now moved to Groningen, The Netherlands. They won this year the 1st prize of the International Jazz in the Park Competition 2018. This project is mostly about the musical journey that they are experimenting in Groningen, the place where all the band members met and the place where all their compositions came to life. Each one of the band members were born in different cultural environment and that is what makes their sound so unique and kaleidoscopic. They are: Frankie Ercsei - drums, Tereza Catarov (RO) – voice, Erdogan Cem Evin (TR) - guitar, Danielle Nasi (IT) - saxophone and Patrice Blanchard (FR)- electric bass .
Susținere: 15 Lei
Rezervări: 0723.287.486