1717 Bere Artizanala

Brand local / Produse locale cu livrare la domiciliu


1717/ şapteşpe şapteşpe/ seventeen seventeen/ siebzehn siebzehn

Established in 1717 it appears in the Red City, current town of Sibiu, the first micro-brewery of our teritory which produced artisanal beer. We have transposed into the contemporary a mix of tastes and also of our Transylvanian culture – the craft beers with three well defined N.
First N – the beer contains 100% Natural ingredients; ‘Nfiltered – the yeast continues the natural fermentation process in the bottle. Last ’N – ‘Npasteurized, all the healthy enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, are kept alive.

All of our beers are certified triple N products and need at least 6 weeks to ferment and mature! Are you aware of what you have been drinking until now?

We are four friends from Sibiu who had a common dream, to create a beer as it used to be in the beginning, with no hidden ingredients and no shortcuts. Together we have crafted our ales with own strength, vision and know-how in our backyard.

A family owned micro-brewery from Bavaria more than two hundred years old, have enabled us with their experience through traditional processes, local spring water and ingredients to produce our recipes and achieve the most balanced tripple N artisanal beers you will find in a while!

Redefine your beer experiences for this is not your average brew. Best served shaken or not, not too cold nor too warm in a glass or straight from the bottle!

Feed your senses!

Produs local

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