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Transilvania Deutsche Wirtschaftsclub Siebenbürgen-The German Economy Club Transylvania (DWS) was founded in 1998 in Sibiu Sibiu as a non-profit association. Reigning at that time Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ralf Breth, founded the forerunner of today's economy an entrepreneur clubs Stammtisch, which was attended by German businessmen working in Sibiu. To round were mostly smaller companies, who made their first experience with South-Eastern Europe, hoping for mutual assistance and a lively exchange and found him there.

As the round steadily grew and increased the responsibilities, was the current German economic club from the Stammtisch. Since the members always met in Sibiu and no one should feel excluded, because there were also members from Brasov and Cluj at the meetings, without further ado, the name "German Economic Club of Transylvania" (DWS) was elected.

Since the establishment and registration in the Sibiu association register more than 16 years have passed and the economy Club has structurally and qualitatively well developed. The DWS also opened entrepreneurs from other German-speaking countries, which in Transylvania - operate - mainly in the area of ​​Sibiu. Today the DWS has around 200 active member companies, which include institutions such as the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, the German-Romanian University, the Sibiu School of Administration and the German media Hermannstädter- and General German Newspaper belong.

In addition to the DWS exist 7 other German Business Club in Romania, in Arad, Bacau, Cluj, Brasov, Muresch, Satu Mare and Timisoara. Along some 800 German companies are organized in the German clubs.

An important and traditional DWS-founding member of the German Consulate in Sibiu. It forms the interface between business, culture and bilateral cooperation on several levels. The respective head of the German Consulate Sibiu, currently Consul Mrs. Judith Urban, is statutorily honorary chairman of the Business Club.

As a point of contact for companies from the German-speaking area of ​​DWS makes an active contribution to the development of economic relations between the countries of origin and Romania. The same time, the DWS his role as stakeholders of these companies locally true.

The focus of the activities of DWS is the exchange of experience between member companies, the dissemination of information for the member companies and the maintenance of a constructive dialogue with representatives of politics and public administration. To this end, the DWS holds regular members meetings and many other events in which public figures and representatives of the local business community to participate.

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