Concert Kyterion [IT ] & Xpus [IT ] la Sibiu

Data și ora:
10 lei

Strada General Gheorghe Magheru 45, Sibiu 550185, România


Duminica 6 Mai Northwest Hardcore Booking Branch & @Underground Pub va propun 2 concerte de Black şi Death Metal, cu 2 trupe din Italia plecate într-un turneu internaţional, iar biletul este de doar 10 lei.

KYTERION (black metal – Italy) 22:00 - 23:30
XPUS (black/death – Italy) 23:30 - 01:00

KYTERION (black metal – Italy) is an Italian black metal band born in 2015, whose memebers are unknown, and so are their appearances.

The band released their debut album INFERNO I in 2016 via Subsound Records, featuring vocals in XIIIth century Italian Vernacular, an element of authenticity for an all-Italian project.
The album is part of a trilogy. The second part INFERNO II will be released in May 2018 and the band will be on a European headlining rum of shows to promote the album.
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XPUS is a new band, but Aren (Bass/Vocals) and Mornak (Guitars)
playing Extreme Metal for many years - their first serious band born in 1998 with name of UNHOLY LAND. XPUS band was founded in January 2015.
At the end of March the first demo was recorded. Thanks to that,
one month later band signed a contract with Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records for the release of debut album.
The music of XPUS is devoted to Evil, with satanic, blasphemous themes about death, destruction, human extinction, decay and funeral..