Exhibition Medieval Echoes

Exhibition Medieval Echoes


Muzeul Brukenthal, Piața Mare, Nr. 4-5, Sibiu 550163, România

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 Exhibition: Medieval echoes
 Location: Temporary Exhibition Hall, Brukenthal Palace, 4, Large Square
 Opening: Thursday, July 29, 2021, 1:00 p.m.
 Duration: July - August 2021
 Organizers: Brukenthal National Museum, Bistrița-Năsăud Museum Complex
 Curators: Alina Ilia PhD, Alexandru Constantin Chituță PhD
 Exhibition realized within the Brukenthal Cultural Axes project

 Text offered by the curators: The exhibition includes pieces from the tapestry collection of the Contemporary Art Department from Bistriţa Museum and aims to bring up to date the symbolism of the Bistriţa guilds, through what they had more refined, grandiose and mysterious. These works were made by students from three art universities from Bucharest, Iaşi and Cluj-Napoca, who participated in the camp organized by the Bistrița-Năsăud Museum Complex of creation "Ethno - design - between mimesis and waiting".

 The theme that stimulated the creativity of young artists was inspired by the coats of arms and flags of the guilds of Bistrița-Năsăud County.
 The guilds of Bistriţa had a fundamental role in the development of the city, and the fortress of Bistriţa was built by organizing all the guilds in the city. Related to this framework, it can be emphasized that heraldry was an intrinsic part of the page of the medieval European kingdom, being then gradually adapted to serve nations, cities, churches and guilds. Following the workshops, guild flags were recreated, interpreted and composed in an original way, personalized flags of a unique type transposed into the material using techniques specific to the contemporary textile environment, but also those belonging to the tradition of the medieval era.
 We are talking about symbols of Saxon culture and civilization, defining the identity of this space. We are talking about guild flags rethought in an original mastery, through the technique of embroidery, wool felting and textile collage. The works have decorative compositions and are made with the help of various techniques specific to textile art: wool felting processes, textile collage and manual embroidery, heat transfer, heat setting, stamp and pattern printing, screen printing, patchwork, quilting, printing with thermal film.
 The flags are inspired by the coats of arms of the guilds: blacksmiths, blacksmiths, brewers, shoemakers, potters, architects, goldsmiths, silversmiths, weavers, shoemakers, carpenters, butchers, tailors, rotators, knives, carpenters and swordsmen.
 Therefore, we invite you to a fascinating journey between past and present, as form and content and to discover the textile art exhibition that illustrates metaphorically and symbolically, the updated picture of the world of guilds in the Bistriţa area.