Spiral of Nature

Spiral of Nature


Str. Cetăţii, Nr. 1, Sibiu

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Exhibition: Spiral of Nature
Location: Museum of Natural History, Multimedia Hall, 1 Cetății street
Opening: Thursday, April 25, 3:00 p.m
Period: 25.04-10.06.2024
Curators: Ana-Maria Păpureanu, Nicolae Trif

The collections of snails and shells or malacological, as they are called by specialists, in the collection of the Museum of Natural History in Sibiu, have a historical, documentary and scientific value recognized internationaly. Since 1852, i.e. for over 170 years, these collections have been constantly growing, thanks to the activities carried out by the members of the "Siebenbürgischer Verein für Naturwissenschaften zu Hermannstadt" (Siebenbürgischer Verein für Naturwissenschaften zu Hermannstadt) they added material exchanges, in collaboration with specialists from other countries.
The temporary exhibition Spiral of Nature presents specimens of some fossil and exotic species from our collections, whose spectacular shells we invite you to admire, while discovering curiosities and new information about these unique exhibits!