Hunting in the past, postcards and old documents

Hunting in the past, postcards and old documents


Str. Şcoala de Înot, Nr. 4, Sibiu, România

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On Friday, 20 January 2023, at 2:00 pm, at the Hunting Museum "August von Spiess", 4, Școala de Înot Street, will take place the launch of the album "Hunting in the past, postcards and old documents", authors Laurențiu Constantinescu and Ion Doru Poiană. The album, printed in excellent condition, was published under the aegis of Constant Publishing House in Sibiu and is bilingual: Romanian-German. 

In the preface of the album, Dimitrie Sturdza states: "The present album is a mirror of the richness of the Transylvanian fauna and the Kingdom of Romania over the last 150 years. Thanks to the hunters of yesterday and today, we have in Romania the richest fauna in Europe. The reading is pleasantly and carefully seasoned with passages from the hunting literature of the last century - I refer in particular to the writings of Ionel Pop and Colonel August Von Spiess, succeeding in captivating me and refreshing the emotions of my first years of hunting".