Ten New SISAF Murals Are Now Part of Sibiu’s Cultural Identity

The Sibiu International Street Art Festival (SISAF) is one of the city’s projects that brings us joy not only during, but after the event per se, too. At the end of this year’s 7th edition, we take a look at ten of the most impressive new murals created around the theme “Re:Think”. Though they are all great from where we’re standing! :) Each and every one of the murals is special and sends a message or illustrates a story.

Read the new elements introduced by SISAF in 2021:

◆ the festival’s first mural poem, brought to life with augmented reality,

◆ a 600-metre wall in the Kogălniceanu neighbourhood,

◆ two paintings on the walls of the “Octavian Goga” High School, one of the most notable schools in Sibiu,

◆ five large murals on blocks of flats,

◆ a painting on the Cibin riverbank and one on a heating unit in Vasile Aaron neighbourhood.

Sibiu’s street art gallery, a real national and international landmark, now includes 106 works splashing colour on no less than 11,600 sqm in all the town’s neighbourhoods.

⇢ Când iubești / augmented mural poem

The tradition of painting murals on school buildings went on, this year reaching the “Octavian Goga” High School for the first time, as the institutions made two walls available to the artists. It’s here that grupul unu unu unu invers unu, a creative duo founded by Lumi Mihai and Mugur Grosu, present the festival’s first mural. Entitled “Când iubești” (When in love), this modern poem is represented as a Tetris game, inviting viewers to stop and look and decipher the message.

The work also features a new augmented reality added to the initial mural; thus, by simply scanning the QR code on location or by clicking https://bit.ly/SISAF2021-augmented we can watch the painting come alive thanks to dynamic, contextual animations.

⇢ Copacul planetar

On a nearby wall, Harcea Pacea presents “Copacul planetar” (Planetary Tree), a visual representation of a message urging us to “reconsider the relationship between man and nature and turn it from a mostly competitive, parasitic and exploitative one to one based on mutual respect, assumption and balance”.

⇢ Equilibrium

Sibiu International Street ART Festival is organized by ART Factory Transilvania Association and cofounded by the Sibiu City Hall. 

⇢ Symbiosis

⇢ Re:Play

⇢ The Box

⇢ Same morning but different perspective

⇢ Nasca One

⇢ Care

⇢ Re:Think

See all the works created in the framework of SISAF.

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