7. General Magheru Street - Filarmonicii – Șelarilor

7. General Magheru Street - Filarmonicii – Șelarilor

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Strada Șelarilor 14, Sibiu 550166, Romania


Let yourself conquered by the city, and embark on a journey to explore its cobbled streets, under the watchful eyes on the rooftops. Head to the Superior Consistory of the Evangelical Church of Augustinian Confession - Filek House - the tall, gray building towards General Magheru Street. Across the road, you will see the “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College. The pedagogue Gheorghe Lazăr, the poet Octavian Goga, the philosopher Emil Cioran, and other important personalities studied here. Turn right on Filarmonicii Street, and then follow the first one to the left, Șelarilor.
You will discover the Franciscan Church, built in the 15th century, in Gothic style. Do not hesitate to descend the few steps to enjoy the baroque interior. Walk around the church and notice the fourth fortification wall. On your left, you will discover a very narrow street, a secret path, known only by the locals. The trail will take you back to General Magheru Street, in front of the Ursuline Greek Catholic Church. The Dominican monks built it in the 15th century in Gothic style, and it became a grain warehouse after the Reformation. Two centuries later, the monks of the order of Saint Ursula renovated the building in Baroque style.
In front of the church, you will see the statue of Nicolaus Olahus, born in Sibiu on January 10, 1493 - humanist, historiographer, politician and archbishop of Esztergom.

Few remember that the tram was running on the General Magheru Street, to reach the railway station. The tram was inaugurated in September 1905, and the section next to the church was the steepest part of the route. Sometimes, passengers had to get off the tram so it could climb the slope.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 The current National College "Gheorghe Lazăr" was a Jesuit high school with teaching in Latin until 1849, German high school until 1868, Hungarian high school until 1919, and Romanian high school to this day.

🔍 There is an inscription on the triumphal arch of the Ursuline church: " Haec aedes pietate Mariae Theresiae reginae avgvstae fvlta ac restavrata est " ("This edifice is restored and maintained by the mercy of the august queen Maria Theresa").

🔍 In 2011, several scenes of the "Ghost Rider" movie, with Nicolas Cage, were filmed in the Franciscan Church.

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