8. Avram Iancu street

8. Avram Iancu street

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Strada Avram Iancu, Sibiu, Romania


The statue of Nicolaus Olahus stands at the crossroads between General Magheru and Avram Iancu street (also known as "Reispergasse"). Avram Iancu is one of the oldest streets of the city, dating from the 14th century. The façades show that the people living there were rich craftsmen and nobles, later merchants and important personalities. The buildings renovated at the beginning of the 20th century are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style. On this street, we can find one of the oldest houses in the city, the “Böbel House”. The right side of its peculiar façade resembles a set of stairs, characteristic of the Gothic style. The house bears the name of Johan Böbel, one of the owners of the house, a baker and artist of the city. He created the Böbel Album, with images of the city’s fortifications and gate towers.

Walking towards the Grand Square, you will notice the façade of the Zodiac House on your right. Its zodiacal, plant, animal and mineral symbols are the imprint of Dr. Johann Müller, a doctor of philosophy and legal sciences.
Part of the houses were built on the 3rd fortification wall, the defense towers being embedded in the buildings. You can notice this detail if you open the gate at number 9. Before you reach the Grand Square, you have the opportunity to see one of the most picturesque courtyards of the city. Enter the door below the balcony with the monograms "BB" shaped in its grid. After that, the street will lead you back to the Grand Square.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 To see part of the 3rd fortification belt, you could follow Pasajul Școlii to Movilei street. This picturesque street preserves part of the 3rd fortification wall.

🔍 During the 1848 revolution, a number of personalities, such as Simion Bărnuţiu, George Bariţiu, Nicolae Bălăşescu, Nicolae Bălcescu, Timotei Cipariu and Avram Iancu lived in the houses on Avram Iancu street.

🔍 If you go through the gate at number 6 and enter the room to the right, you will see a fresco from the 16th century. The mural painting depicts biblical scenes and characters.

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