Burgers in Sibiu that you don't want to miss

Benjamin Steakhouse & Bar

You'll find Benjamin Steakhouse right in the city centre and it won't take you long to see that this is a place that loves beef. And beef loves it back, because their menu is very rich in beef-based dishes, so you're right to believe that they also know a thing or two about burgers. The good quality, perfectly seasoned meat is what makes their burgers perfect!

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Burger Bar 2.0

Also in the city centre, this is a place that welcomes you with an authentic American diner feeling. The classic thick-padded seats, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe smiling at you from the pictures on the walls and the Harley Davidson in the middle of the restaurant will make you want to try their burgers. If you fancy cheese and bacon we recommend you try their Royal Beef Burger with a Curiosity Cola on the side.

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City Burger

Very close to the Small and Large Square, on Avram Iancu street, another good burger place awaits - City Burger! Their burgers are always fresh and juicy, the french fries come with a bunch of interesting sauces and if you are in for something different make sure you try their curry sauce and home-made bread hot-dogs.

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Music Pub

Even though Music Pub is a place famous for their pizza, their burgers also deserve your full attention. If by now you are tired of the classic burger, make sure you try their mushroom burger, the Brie variety, or the greek-style burger with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese. All of them are delicious and come with a fresh yogurt and herbs sauce on the side.

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La Cuptor

We move forward with our list with more "daring" varieties and suggest you also try La Cuptor. The burger they serve here is a reinterpretation of a romanian traditional dish - smoked pork with bean mousse, horseradish sauce, crunchy onion and caraway potatoes. If this doesn't sound delicious, look at the pictures below!

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Mai Lounge

The city centre is not the only place to find great burgers. Few people know that you can eat a delicious burger right across the Sub Arini Park, at Mai Lounge - but you're lucky to have us to advise you :). If you're brave, this is one of the few places in town where they serve a Black Burger!

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If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or even raw-vegan, or if you just feel like something more light and healthy, we suggest you try Rawdia. Their options are: vegan red beans burger, chickpeas and tofu burger or the 100% raw burger, and compared to the traditional burgers these ones are not only tasty but will leave you feeling lighter and full of energy.

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She's Green

She's Green also offers some healthy and tasty veggie burgers. The buns are made from whole flour and they are naturally colored with beet juice, pepper, turmeric or spirulina. The pie is based on chickpea or yellow peas, beans, quinoa and vegetables. Humus, raw vegetables (salad / kale / spinach), onion chutney and vegan mayonnaise are also added. Don't miss it!

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