The Luxemburg House


Piața Mică, Nr. 16, Sibiu, România


The Luxemburg House is located in the Small Square, at no. 16, being built on the first fortified precincts of Sibiu. The building has facades towards the Small Square and the Albert Huet Square and it consists of an old 15th century gothic wing and a new 19th century baroque wing.

The edifice received its current denomination in 2004, with the occasion of the Great Duke Henri of Luxemburg and Great Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxemburg visit to Romania. It is worth mentioning that during 1999-2003 the building was rehabilitated with the support of the Great Duke of Luxemburg.

At the ground-floor certain gothic and renaissance elements were preserved (frameworks, arches), but the building stands especially out because of its superb baroque woodwork and its decoration with mouldings at the upper floors.

In the 19th century the edifice came into possession of the evangelical priest Johann Georg Schaser, hence the name it previously had.

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