Winter in Sibiu. Experiences in the surroundings

Winter in Sibiu. Experiences in the surroundings

Winter completes the Sibiu experience with a selfie in the snowy setting of the settlements that surrounds it. Tourist regions will surprise you with activities, delicacies and an authentic charm.
📸 Experience Transylvania

A frozen story

Făgăraș ridges tempt you to admire the white heights of the county's most spectacular Belvedere point: Lake Balea. Write your own unique story about the experience of a winter night in the first Ice Hotel in Romania.

Hotel of Ice Romania

Let’s go to the countryside!

Castles, mansions and Transylvanian households transformed into guest houses combining traditional with noble air. You find them hidden in picturesque settlements, cropped up like stories.

Experience Transylvania Veseud 11 Copsa Mare Guesthouses

Let’s go riding!

Discover "a corner of Transylvania" in the heart of the Valea Hârtibaciului hills, at the horse farm in Apoș. Attention, you will fall in love!

Villa Abbatis Equestrian Center

Let's get out OF town for lunch

You tasted the Sibiu delicacies and checked out the restaurants and the "must see", but would you like to enrich your culinary experience list? Here's where you can escape from the city:

Albota Trout Farm Brukenthal Summer Palace, Avrig Maria Theresa Mansion, Orlat

Clay Modeling Therapy

You've probably been reading about the right hemisphere of the brain, the one responsible for your creativity and your artistic side. Enable it in a ceramic workshop at Nocrich.

Nocrich Scout Pottery

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