Winter in Sibiu. Experiences for families with children


Sibiu, Romania

Activities in the Large Square

The joy of children animates the atmosphere of the Christmas fair. They remind us of the joy of petty things: a colorful gingerbread, a carousel tour, admiring the holiday lights in a mini-journey with Little Train.
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Santa's Workshops

Workshops are the place where every child can impress Santa Claus with the skill to create pixel decorations or painted gingerbread. In addition to the authentic souvenir he will also receive a personalized photo.
📸 Sibiu Christmas Market

Gingerbread workshop

Walking and playing in the park

The hotel room can become cramped when children activate the energy doses stored specifically for holiday! To exhaust them, let's play!
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Sub Arini Park

Restaurants and cafes with a playground

Serving meals with children in the city is a challenge. That's why several restaurants thought that besides delicious specialties, they would prepare menus for small gourmets and build play spaces.
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Color Cafe Hochmeister Atrium Classic Cafe Benjamin Steakhouse Sibiu Max Restaurant Erasmus Bookcafe

Ice dancing

Besides the fact that it's the most fun season, winter is testing your skater talent. The little ones will love to keep their balance on ice and see their parents walking wiggling on skates.

Large Square Ice Rink, Sibiu Măgura Ice Rink, Cinsădie

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