Summer Tips: Sibiu's Top Terraces

Pardon Cafe & Restaurant

It is often said that Cetății Street is the most beautiful street in Sibiu. One thing that surely contributes to this is the Pardon terrace, a lively and animated place throughout the year. You'll easily find it next to the Philharmonic building, and its interesting architecture accounts for a great view. It is one of the few places where you can enjoy a glass of great wine and a good dish or dessert, while being securely "protected" from the rush and tourist activity from the Large and Small Squares. And if you're really lucky, you'll also get to witness how your dish is being cooked, at one of their frequent outdoor cooking shows.

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Atrium Classic Cafe

Maybe the most well-known terrace in Sibiu, Atrium is situated right next to the Bridge of Lies, and it's one that is really hard to miss or ignore. We especially love the way you can observe the city from here. You get a perfect view of the Small Square and all that is happening there. Many times, the soundtrack of an evening spent in this place will be live piano music or a local, jazz-performing artist.

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Cafe Wien

Cafe Wien is a place that we often recommend, and for good reason! This Vienna-style coffee place is one of the first in Sibiu and it perfectly recreates the original austrian-cafe atmosphere. The main reason you should visit their terrace is the wonderful view of the sun setting over the old citadel walls. This is also one of the places where your glass of wine or morning coffee can be savoured with a piano or violin concert in the background. For cool shadow and a more intimate atmosphere we recommend you try their second, garden terrace in the back, which also has a nice view of the Lower City.

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Faust Cafe und Disko

This is not only the most colourful terrace in Sibiu, but also the most well-hidden one! Faust is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds, and also one of the few places where you'll find local artists expressing themselves. Electronic parties, live concerts and sometimes theatre - this is one of the most relaxed places in town, where everybody is welcomed.

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While we're still talking about hidden terraces, let's stop at Weinkeller too, located at the top of the Stairs Passage. This is a small and intimate terrace, where you'll feel you just dropped by at a friend's house and you're having a drink in the garden. If you have a friend that cooks awfully well and knows a lot about wines, that is :). Lots of green, cats, and a lot of interesting details - like a miniature Old Town made of clay, by a local artist - will make you fall in love with this place.

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Very close to Gong Theatre there's a beautiful terrace that we add to our list: Max. With a very interesting architecture that combines both traditional and modern elements, this terrace also feels like a small secret of the Lower Town. Away from the tourist tremor and just a few minutes away from the heart of the city, Max is the perfect place for a warm summer night, a nice dinner and delicate jazz music.

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No list of Sibiu terraces would be complete without Nod, one of every local's favourite places. With an interesting design and one of the most delicious cocktails you can find in the Small Square, Nod is a place we recommend for your morning coffee, your refreshing afternoon lemonade or your cool, after-dinner glass of wine. So basically, anytime! :)

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