Lutsch House

Lutsch House


Piața Mare, Nr. 13, Sibiu, Romania


The Lutsch House, located in the Large Square, at no. 13, was named in this manner after the name of one of its owners of the 16th century, being one of the most important buildings of the historical Sibiu.

In the beginning the building had a four-storied tower-residence, similar to the one of the Haller House. The initial layout of the building can be reset based on the layout of the current cellar where certain details were faithfully preserved (stone frameworks with blunt edges, spiral stairs leading to the next floor as well as partial foundations of a chapel with a polygonal loft, in the posterior side of the house - St. Ladislau former chapel).

Certain historians agree that this house was built in 1424 by King Sigismund, with the purpose of hosting the kings, voievodes and senior officials who were coming at the time to Sibiu. Up until the end of the 15th century, the house belonged to Altemberger Family, only to be owned during 1537-1593 by Haller Family.

Subsequently, the edifice comes into possession of Johann Lutsch. In 1661 the building comes into possession of Georg Reussner and the “legend” has it that the house was allegedly won at a game of bowling. As a matter of fact, the blazon with the digits also displayed two hands, one of which holding a bowling pin.

In 1821, the descendants of the last owner donate the building to the state. The last renovation took place in 1999.

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