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Casa Altemberger - Muzeul de Istorie, Strada Mitropoliei, Nr. 2, Sibiu, România


The History Museum is accommodated by the Altemberger-Pempfflinger House, located on 2nd Mitropoliei Street, headquarters of the City Hall of Sibiu during 1545 and 1948. The ten wings of the building, plus a guard tower, represent the most impressive civil gothic architecture ensemble of Romania and even of South-Eastern Europe. The construction was built by the team led by the stonemason Andreas Lapicida, at the end of the 15th century, upon the guidance of Thomas Altemberger. The oldest part is the tower-house, its construction being initiated at the end of the 13th century.

The exhibitions that can be seen here are structured as follows:
- Evolution of human communities of the South of Transylvania, displaying the day to day life during the Palaeolithic, offering an image of life in caves, cottages, households, Roman villa, medieval house;
- Glass in Transylvania and Guilds of Sibiu, depicting human activities from wind processing to specialized production of the guilds;
- Roman lapidary and the Magistrate of Sibiu, evoking the social status and dignity of the leader;
- Weapons and armours, indicating other essential aspects of human existence in these places, such as war or the ritual aspect of religion;
- Thesaurus, containing liturgical silverware pieces.
The touristic exhibition circuit ends with the presentation of the national emancipation movement of the Southern Transylvania, displaying events during the 17th and the 20th centuries.

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