The city’s panorama from the Council Tower


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Piața Mică 1, Sibiu 550182, Romania


Located between the two most important city squares, more precisely at the northeastern corner of the Great Square, the Council Tower has always been the distinctive symbol of Sibiu. The name of the tower comes from its defense function, which was to protect the entrance gate of the second enclosure, built in the immediate vicinity of the building that housed the city hall of Sibiu. The tower was mentioned in a document from 1324. Being part of the second ring of defense, it collapsed partially in 1585, following an earthquake. Today, the ground floor and the first two levels belong to the original construction built in the 13th century.
In 1588, the tower was rebuilt with the help of the city’s citizens. In 1720, the magistrate ordered the watchmen to beat their drums every half an hour, to match the clock’s bell. The roof changed its appearance over time, from a short, pyramidal one to the tall octagonal pyramid, flanked by four turrets that served as a display of the city's right of judgement.
The current shape of the tower dates from the rebuilding works carried out between 1824 and 1826. After climbing the stairs to the top, the Council Tower offers a wonderful view of the entire city. To the north is the Cibin River, and the Tower of the Evangelical Parish Church looming over the upper city.

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