21. Johanneskirche Church and Teutsch House

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Strada Mitropoliei 32, Sibiu 550179, Romania


The lesson about Sibiu’s religious tolerance continues. Going further on Mitropoliei Street, in front of the park, you will discover the tower of "Saint John" Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession. The Sibians call it Johanniskirche. Like most churches in the city, it is a space of worship and culture, where not only religious liturgies take place, but also cultural events. Built in the 19th century for the parishioners of the nearby Josefin neighborhood, it has two beautiful altar sculptures, representing Ioan the Baptist and Ioan the Evangelist. A gangway above the gate connects the church with the former evangelical orphanage. Currently, it houses the Friedrich Teutsch Center for Culture and Dialogue, named after the Saxon bishop and historian.
If you find the metal gate open, dare to step in! You will enter the rectangular courtyard, enclosed by a portion of the fortification wall on the South-West side. This small city oasis is animated by the customers of the café-bookstore and by the visitors of the Museum of the Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Transylvania, hosted on the first floor. If you have time, and if you are curious about the history of the Saxon communities in Transylvania, visit the exhibition. You will see a copy of the first document attesting Sibiu in 1191, church objects, Saxon folk garments from different areas - a true collection of the Saxon treasure. A chronological tour will help you better understand how the Saxons arrived in Transylvania and why the majority were forced to leave this region after World War II.
Part of the museum's activities are also temporary exhibitions and historical lectures. The building houses the Central Archive of the Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Romania and its library.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 One of the museum’s main attractions is a collection of masterpieces made by the most famous goldsmiths in Transylvania.

🔍 The exhibition illustrates the evolution of German-language education in Transylvania, of which the Evangelical Church C.A. cared for centuries.

🔍 Among the most spectacular collections is the set of dolls dressed in celebratory Saxon folk clothes. They differ depending on the geographical area, status and age of the wearer.

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