Sibiu - Emergency Kit

A few things you could need while visiting Sibiu

So, you're in Sibiu now, and that's great! But there are a few situations that can occur where some local insights might come in very useful. Like "where can you eat late in the night", "what flower-shop is open during the weekend" or "where can I take my pet to the vet during the holiday season"?

We, as locals, cam answer all these questions for you in a heartbeat. And so we did, so that your stay in Sibiu can be as worry-free as possible.

If you visited Sibiu recently and needed some information we didn't include here we would be happy to know, so don't hesitate to leave us a message on Social Media. We'll update the list as soon as possible!

Where can I find a 24 Hour Drugstore?

Depending on where you are when you urgently need a medicine or a pharmaceutical product, outside of the usual hours, we have prepared a list of 3 pharmacies. If you are in the central area, Eco Farmacia on the Constituției Street is the best choice!

Farmacia Polisano Mihai Viteazu Eco Farmacia (giratoriu Constituției) Farmacia SanMarco Alphega

Where can I buy flowers in the weekend?

You will not realize how valuable this information is until you wake up on March 1, 10 am, without a flower bouquet. Or on any Sunday afternoon before a meeting. Or whenever you urgently need to make a simple gesture of joy, but you are out of the regular hours of the flower shop. The only non-stop flower shop in Sibiu can be found on Milea Boulevard and also makes free deliveries. You’re welcome!

Florăria Elena

Where can you eat late at night?

Although it is a city full of life and events, Sibiu is not as good on "places where you can eat at night". And unfortunately, none of them are located in the historical center. If you do not want to go to one of them, a convenient method used by many locals is a taxi order that will bring your food wherever you are, for a small commission.

Super Mamma Calea Dumbrăvii Dabo Doner Vasile Milea McDonalds Shopping City Sibiu

What do I do if something happens to my pet over the weekend?

If you live in Sibiu or just passing by, along with your pet, it is possible (though we do not want it at all) to need a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic. We've found it for you, it's called Vetcon, and it's on Semaforului Street. But we wish you won't need this information!

Clinica Veterinara Vetcon

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