Sibiu's hidden gems

Sibiu's hidden gems

Any tourist guide of Sibiu will help you find out a lot of interesting things about the well-known landmarks and tourist attractions. But we, locals, are the ones who know all about its ”hidden gems” - those places or things that contribute to the great experience you can have in this city. If you don't have a local around you at the moment to help you with this - fret no more! We gathered here some of the best recommendations that will help give your Sibiu experience a little extra charm.

Watch the sun setting down form the Cafe Wien terrace

Cafe Wien is one of the most well-known and visited places in Sibiu. We're not sure whether to first recommend you their great coffee, the piano music that helps set a romantic atmosphere or the authentic Austrian sweets they serve. One thing we are sure about though, is that this is the perfect spot for you to admire a warm summer sunset, due to its beautiful panorama over the Old Town's beautiful buildings and walls.

How to get to Cafe Wien

Traditional Pies - Avram Iancu Street

It's hard to believe anyone left this place unimpressed! This is not a place that lures you in with a flashy commercial or great interior. It is more of a simple, authentic place, that boasts on nothing but its delicious pies. You'll find it right across the street from Ursuline Church, 2 steps away from the Large Square. Inside you'll find a typical Romanian kitchen decor, and the friendly and charming lady that serves the pies will convince you that she is truly the best traditional pie-maker in the area!

Find out more about this traditional pies place

Gossip Tree - Handmade and designer shop

If spending your vacation visiting shopping malls is not your thing, but you still want to leave Sibiu with a genuine, good quality gift for you or for your loved ones, we suggest you try the Gossip Tree shop. It's not that hard to find, at the top of the Stairs Passage as you exit the Huet Square. You will find here an excellent selection of Romanian designer clothes, jewellery, accessories or hand-made decorations. It's an extremely creative place and you'll have a hard time choosing from all their wonders.

Check out Gossip Tree's page

Studioul de Yoga KeepGiving

Yoga is a relatively new passion amongst Sibiu locals. If it happens to be your passion as well, and you don't want to interrupt your usual routine while you are visiting Sibiu, make sure you visit the Keep Giving Yoga Studio! The calming and relaxing atmosphere as well as the highly trained instructors will help you improve your posture, be more calm and face your daily challenges more easily. It is located right in the heart of the city and classes can be booked online.

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Sucăria Lecca

În ultimii ani, domnul Leca ne-a învățat pe noi, sibienii, să apreciem mai mult sucurile naturale și smoothie-urile. Posibil să nu dai peste cele 2 locații ale acestei mici afaceri de familie în drumurile tale prin oraș, pentru că ele sunt destul de bine ”ascunse” astfel încât suntem siguri că aproape doar localnicii știu de ele. Fie că vrei ceva energizant, ceva hrănitor, sau ceva delicios, cei de aici vor ști să combine fructele și legumele în așa fel încât să pleci mulțumit!

Dă o fugă la Sucăria Lecca

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