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Grădina Zoologică, Calea Dumbrăvii, Nr. 142, Sibiu, România



The Zoo of Sibiu was founded in 1929, being the first zoo of Romania. The zoo was crated at the initiative of an engineer from the Electricity Company who had the idea after finding some foxes by the dam of Sadu.

With donations, the small zoo increased its livestock. Boards, stags, eagles, a she-wolf, a wild cat and, since 1930, the first bear cub were brought to the zoo. 

At the moment the zoo has an area of 20ha and it hosts over 300 animals of 70 species: bears, tigers, lions, jaguar, lamas, monkeys, Carpathian stags, deer, white buffalos, ponies, camels, zebras, mouflons, snakes, pheasants, parrots, peacocks, pigeons, etc. 

At the entry of the zoo there is a secular oak that is approximately 600 years old.

Ticket price

  • Adult - 10 lei. Copil / Pensionar - 5 lei. Abonament individual 30 lei / 10 intrari. Abonamentul este valabil 12 luni pentru 1(una) intrare pe zi. Copiii cu varsta sub 3 ani au acces gratuit

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