⭐ What's New in Sibiu This SEPTEMBER?

Discover the new places that have opened or will open in town!

Konak Guest House & Restaurant

Turkish Guest House and Restaurant Konak has opened recently in the very centre of Sibiu, on 7 Turnului St. Our city didn’t have an oriental-style place boasting such a rich menu, but we can now take delight in their authentic dishes, served in a very beautiful yard (while it’s still warm outside), against a splendid musical background.
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Nakedshop is a new store in Sibiu that sells housekeeping and personal care products, set up to contribute to a sustainable, natural, minimalistic life. We can find it on 1 Alexandru Odobescu St. (across the street from Gong Theatre), or online at nakedshop.ro. If you’re already a zero-waster or wish to become one, do pay them a visit.
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MO's Burgers

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100r Restaurant

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Rent Road Bike - Light Cycling Transylvania

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History Restaurant

 A new restaurant has opened on 9 Avram Iancu St., a stone’s throw away from the Big Square. History Restaurant has a menu that brings together dishes from various points in time and space, which fit in like a glove with their uniquely designed space.
Here, one can find caprese bruschetta, Nicoise salad and glazed chicken wings, as well as Romanian platters, smoked pork knuckle and beans, duck confit, seafood in white wine, Greek-style chicken soup, pasta and pizza. A real journey around the world!
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Dallmayr Coffee Shop

You can now taste the renowned Dallmayr coffee on the terrace of the Dallmayr Coffee Shop on 5 Turnului St., Sibiu. Freshly-ground coffee is the basis for all any kind of drink you may want - a strong espresso, for days when you need strength, gentle cappuccino for late mornings, ice-coffee for torrid days, or sweet, refreshing frappe for those times when you’d have a cup of coffee and eat some dessert at the same time. :)
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Chef Capone Restaurant

On Ocnei St., behind enormous gates, one can find Chef Capone Restaurant, proposing a diverse, but well-rounded menu for all tastes. There are many dishes to try, so take your time and enjoy them all.
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