Where can you find the best ice cream in Sibiu?

Where can you find the best ice cream in Sibiu?

Although it started off rather late, summer is in full swing and the heat is pushing us to take shelter from the sunrays and take delight in chilling treats.

You are all invited to a virtual ice cream tasting as we unveil the best places in town to find it.

Sucre - the confectionery for nippy goodies a few steps away from Sub Arini Park

You go out, feel overwhelmed by the heat and think you should chilling down in Sub Arini Park. Well, you should know that close to the entryway to the Park, on Școala de Înot Street, you can find a small, but super chic confectioner's: Sucre. Their ice creams are very, very special. You’ve got to try them all! 

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Sucre Atelier

Culinarte - Italian-style flavours on the boulevard

Culinarte can be found downtown, right on Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, and their ice cream is reminiscent of holidays in Italy. Creamy, delicious, a real treat for all lovers of refreshing goodies. Above all, they make home deliveries of all kinds of flavours in impressive amounts - from 750 ml/punnet and 5 kg/tray.

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Lili’s - appetizing flavours in a bohemian atmosphere

Lili’s offers very special kinds of ice cream right in the Small Square. You’d only pick one flavour, but it’s hard to choose. Our favs are salty caramel and pistachio, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Try them out, you’ll certainly not be sorry.

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Super Mamma - ice cream everywhere

You can find Super Mamma ice cream on Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, in Astra Park and on Calea Dumbrăvii Street. It’s so good that we recommend opting for cups and double servings, or else you’ll have to stop at each of their locations to restock. Quick tip: try Bubble Gum, it’ll prove a wonderful surprise.

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Super Mamma

Heiß-Eis Cafè - your dose of optimism and refreshing aromas

Heiß-Eis Cafè catches the eye through liveliness and colour, so that while walking the streets of Sibiu, it’s impossible to simply pass by the candy-pink car. Which is great, because their flavours are just like the colour - sweet, sweet, sweet. They’re all tasty and whatever you go for, you won't be sorry.

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Heiß-Eis Cafè

Mândra Cake Shop - for the proudest clients

We have to admit that every time we buy something from Mândra Cake Shop we take great pride in having such special cake shops here in Sibiu.
They have plenty of unique aromas, but our favourite is spirulina flavoured ice cream.

Mândra Cake Shop
Mândra Cake Shop

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