Casa Nosului Guesthouse

Gasthaus / Kreis Sibiu


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Str. Principala nr. 395, 557075


Casa Mosului Guesthouse opened in 2008. It was built in a thousand year old village, full of stories about colorful characters.The house is made out of wood and rock, decorated with authentic, old items, from the Fagaras Valley.
We are not a big hotel and our guests become our friends quickly. Mosu, well, he has, as you would expect, white hair. He is kind and attentive with all the people coming to his house.

We have six big and sunny rooms, with shiny floors and soft beds, ideal for lazy afternoons and silent nights. You reach them by climbing an original staircase made out of logs from the nearby woods. In the living room, near the fireplace, we have a big table, usually full of all the delicacies of the region, carefully cooked by aunt Mariana.

We expect you with a blooming garden, from spring to autumn, where, in the evening you can stay for one more glass of wine or even make your own barbecue. If you are not in the mood for drinking and dining, you can just listen to the crickets, hidden in the grass. In winter time our garden hosts, free of charge, as much snowmen you can build.

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