Street Art Spot: bloc Calea Cisn─âdiei, nr. 86, sc. A


Calea Cisnădiei 86, Sibiu, România


TIM MARSH ­čç▓­čç╣ Malta

ÔÇ×The future.
Man has kept quenching his thirst for space conquest. 
Without realizing that mankind doesn't naturally survive in space. 
But look closer: is spacecraft shattered, and his oxygen conduct dislocated, letting his air, produced by Mother Nature, represented by the dying leafs, now drifting and dying in space.
The viewer will realize this space conqueror turns back to us, humans of the past, to tell them to stop NOT caring about our home planet, which produced everything we need to live in harmony with mother nature. 
This wall is a reflection of what we might expect in the future if we don't act now.ÔÇŁ

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