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The Hipodrome of Music is a blog dedicated to electronic music, born in Hipodrom quarter from Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania, meant to unearth the quality side of electronic music. During the years, the blog shifted into a platform for publishing creative audio works from talented Romanian DJs and foreign quests.

Hipodrome also started to promote quality music organizing events in Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest and Berlin.
In previous years we had the honor to have famous guests as Mick Wills (Stuttgart), Traxx (Chicago), DJ soFa (Brussels), Intergalactic Gary (The Hague), John Heckle (Liverpool), Delta Funktionen (Berlin), Credit 00 (Leipzig), Baz Reznik (The Hague), An-i aka Lee Douglas (Berlin) or talented Romanian DJs as Das Komitee, Dragos Rusu, Lektronikumuz, Masstyk, Alexandru Jijian, Alexandra, Romansoff or Bogdan Scoromide and our friends from Sibiu: Toygun, Ciprian Popa and adub.


● Degustare Muzicală #6: Orientul Mijlociu @ Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu) 20.04.2018

● Transynthmania @ TBA


● Degustare Muzicală #5: Japonia @ OSushi Restaurant (Sibiu) 16.03.2018

● Degustare Muzicală #4: Italia @ Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu) 09.02.2018

● Degustare Muzicală #3: România @ Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu) 19.01.2018

● Scoro in Hipodrom @ Faust Cafe und Disko (Sibiu) 20.01.2018
w. Scoro, adub

● Gazette x Hipodrome @ Gazette (Cluj-Napoca) 15.12.2017
w. An-I, Yaghee, Roxxete

● Degustare Muzicală #2: Africa de Sud @ OSushi Restaurant (Sibiu) 09.12.2017

● Degustare Muzicală #1: Turcia @ Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu) 17.11.2017

● Gazette x Hipodrome @ Gazette (Cluj-Napoca) 19.05.2017
w. Andrew Red Hand, adub & Toygun, Andrei

● Hipodrome Selectors @ Faust Cafe und Disko (Sibiu) 06.05.2017

● Gazette x Hipodrome @ Gazette (Cluj-Napoca) 28.01.2017
w. John Heckle, FLVN, Thommy

● John Heckle in Hipodrome @ Home Bar (Sibiu) 27.01.2017
w. John Heckle, adub

● All Eyes On Decks @ Home Bar (Sibiu) 05.11.2016
w. Lektronikumuz

● Hipodrome Gathering @ Home Bar (Sibiu) 16.09.2016
w. Das Komitee, Toygun, Hipodrome Selectors

● Hipodrome Romance #3 @ Faust Cafe und Disko (Sibiu) 06.05.2016
w. Toygun, Hipodrome Selectors

● Hipodrome 6 Years Anniversary @ Bicicleta French Pub (Sibiu) 05.03.2016
w. Baz Reznik, Alexandru Jijian, Toygun

● Hipodrome Romance #2 @ BURR (Sibiu) 27.02.2016
w. adub, Hipodrome Selectors

● Hipodrome Gathering @ Faust Cafe und Disko (Sibiu) 30.11.2015
w. Das Komitee, Toygun & adub

● Hipodrome presents Mick Wills @ The Shelter (Cluj-Napoca) 27.11.2015
w. Mick Wills, Das Komitee, Toygun & adub

● Hipodrome presents Radar Crew Kraków @ Control Club (Bucharest) 07.08.2015
w. Chino, Olivia, Mic Ostap

● Hipodrome presents Credit 00 @ Control Club (Bucharest) 17.01.2015
w. Credit 00, Das Komitee, Alexandru Jijian

● Credit 00 in Hipodrome @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 16.01.2015
w. Credit 00, Das Komitee, Toygun

● Hipodrome @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 24.10.2014
w. Toygun, Bianca

● Hipodrome 5 Years Anniversary @ Club Control (Bucharest) 18.10.2014
w. Intergalactic Gary, Mick Wills, Das Komitee, Toygun, Luger. Alexandru Jijian

● Hipodrome 5 Years Anniversary @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 17.10.2014
w. Intergalactic Gary, Mick Wills, Das Komitee, Toygun

● Hipodrome Romance @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 09.05.2014
w. Alex Maresh, Toygun, Ciprian Popa

● Raw Tools in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 26.04.2014
w. Romansoff, Luger, Toygun

● Alexandra in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 28.02.2014
w. Alexandra (Sunrise), Jay Bliss

● Alexandru Jijian in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 08.02.2014
w. Das Komitee, Alexandru Jijian

● Das Komitee in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 31.01.2014
w. Das Komitee, Toygun, Ciprian Popa

● Hipodrome 4 Years Aniversary @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 9.11.2013
w. Delta Funktionen, Alexandru Jijian, Toygun

● Mick Wills in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 07.09.2013
w. Mick Wills, Das Komitee, Toygun

● Hipodrome 3 Years Anniversary @ Zen Garden Longe (Sibiu) 27.10.2012
w. John Heckle, Das Komitee

● Hipodrome 2 Years Anniversary @ Kultur Cafe (Sibiu) 08.10.2011
w. Intergalactic Gary, Jay Bliss, Toygun

● Mick Wills in Hipodrom @ UNIT (Sibiu) 09.09.2011
w. Mick Wills, Das Komitee, Toygun

● Techno Resurgent @ UNIT (Sibiu) 01.07.2011
w. Lektronikumuz, Alexandru Jijian, Dj Wäl, Jay Bliss

● Hipodrome @ Oldies Pub Strand (Sibiu) 01.04.2011
w. DJ soFa, Giuser, Dragos Rusu, Ciprian Popa

● Robonacht @ Keller Disco (Berlin) 03.03.2011
w. Mick Wills, #npnk, Borusiade, Dragos Rusu

● Transynthmania @ Kultur Cafe (Sibiu) 18.12.2010
w. Masstyk, Toygun, Ciprian Popa

● Traxx in Hipodrom @ Flying Time (Sibiu) 30.11.2010
w. Traxx, Jay Bliss, Dragos Rusu

● Disconnect to Mick Wills @ Raum Club (Cluj-Napoca) 16.10.2010
w. Mick Wills, Toygun, Thommy

● Hipodrome 1 Year Anniversary @ Flying Time (Sibiu) 15.10.2010
w. Mick Wills, Dragos Rusu, Toygun

● Hipodrom01 @ Orphee Pub (Sibiu) 28.05.2010
w. Giorgio Rousseau, Thommy, Jay Bliss, Toygun, Miguel Sanchez

● Bye Bye Tinish @ Chess Hostel (Sibiu) 06.02.2010
w. Das Komitee, Toygun, Miguel Sanchez

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