Daily life in Sibiu in the middle ages and modern period

Daily life in Sibiu in the middle ages and modern period


Casa Altemberger - Muzeul de Istorie, Strada Mitropoliei, Nr. 2, Sibiu, România

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Exhibition: Daily life in Sibiu in the middle ages and modern period 
Location: History Museum „Altemberger House”, ground floor of the dwelling-tower (2, Mitropoliei Street, Sibiu)
Duration: February 21, 2023 - April 30, 2023
Opening: Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 1:00 p.m.
Curators: Claudia Urduzia, Anca Nițoi

Brukenthal National Museum holds in its collections numerous items which stand as silent witnesses for the life people lived in other times. Naturally given the place where we are many of them evoke the lives of those living in Sibiu. On one hand we have the chronicles, which record prime events like royal or imperial visits, changing of town mayors, wars, epidemics, natural disasters and executions. But more often than not they sum up a year in the life of several thousand people to a couple of lines. What happens between the lines, between two grand visits, two attacks, two natural disasters? What happens in the daily, quotidian life of the city? 
Searching for the definition of „quotidian” we find the following explanations: of every day, daily, common, permanent. Therefore the exhibition „Quotidian life in Sibiu in the middle ages and modern period” tries to capture the common, everyday life of the people of Sibiu during middle ages and modern period, with the help of the items held in the collections of the museum. The generous theme considered and the numerous items at hand made us focus on a couple of relevant aspects of the quotidian: religion, education, work, food, illness, order and defense structures and relaxation. We invite you to discover them in the next two months in the ambient both historical and museal offered by the ground floor of the tower house of the Altemberger House.