Online exhibition: Brukenthal 300: a man, a museum, a history

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Online exhibition: Brukenthal 300: a man, a museum, a history
Curators: Dr. Raluca Maria Frîncu, Dr. Raluca Maria Teodorescu
Contributions: Raluca Cobuz, Dr. Dana Dâmboiu, Dr. Iulia Mesea, Dr. Alexandru Munteanu, Dr. Alexandru Sonoc, Dr. Radu Teuceanu, Dr. Valentin Trifescu (Brukenthal Art Museum), Adrian Georgescu, Dr. Claudiu Munteanu, Dr. Gheorghe Natea, Dr. Anca Nițoi, Dr. Claudia Urduzia (Casa Altemberger History Museum), Delia Voina (Computerized Evidence Section), Dr. Nicolae Trif, Dr. Anamaria Păpureanu, Dr. Ghizela Vonica (Museum of Natural History), Cristina Mihu (Conservation Section)
Photo processing: Chris Balthes
Partners: Sibiu National Archives

Text from the curators:
The exhibition presents 300 pieces (objects and documents that belonged to Samuel von Brukenthal or reflect his work) currently in the collections of the museum or other museums and archives, in the country and abroad; the research was generally based on the Brukenthal National Museum's collections, the State Archives and Brukenthal Library, but also on the bibliography referring to the personality and reforming activity of the baron.
Due to its online nature, the exhibition is adapted to the new recommendations for pandemic prevention and also to the trend of supporting access to culture.
From a thematic point of view, we aim to bring to the forefront the personality, political and cultural activity, passions and legacy of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal.